Made in America...

can be Products or people.  Volunteer Products boasts both!  Below is a sample of the experience that will be working for you everyday.

Chuck Tenney-Owner,  Has 38 years of experience in the Commercial and Residential Building Business.  Moving to Myrtle Beach 18 years ago, Chuck started a Franchise Business for a  large Construction Company out of Atlanta.  That business was sold to a larger conglomerate 8 years later.  Large companies don’t always have the best interest of the Customer at heart.  Chuck left and started Volunteer Building Products with the motto “Because You Can Trust Us” and he means it.  Myrtle Beach has been through a building boom like we have never seen and a lot of businesses started up and did very well.  The last few years have been hard for many.  Volunteer Building Products has been able to stay in business and keep employees working everyday.  Adapting to the changing market shows a sign of experience.  You want that kind of business working for you.

Jackie Tenney- Co-owner, Has been married to Chuck for 33 years.  Chuck and Jackie have two grown children.  The decision to start a company and be a Secretary for her husband was a decision that was not made lightly.  Jackie works part-time at Volunteer Building Products.  Tennis, Gardening, and helping with her Great Nephews Mason and Easton and her new Grandson Declan is also a big part of her life.  You will also notice their dog Dixie Sugarbaker at the office on most days.  She will greet you when you come to the door.

Matt Hall- Sales– moved from Ohio 4 year ago with his wife Andrea who is Chuck and Jackie’s Niece.  Andrea is a 2nd Grade teacher here in Horry County.  They have a 5  year old son Mason and a 1 year old son Easton.  You may see the boys  helping out around the office.  Matt graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelors Degree in Communication with an emphasis on sales and marketing.  Matt and Andrea moved to Myrtle Beach so Matt could work for a Large Commercial Construction Tools Company.  After two years he was promoted to move to Asheville, NC, but he loved the Myrtle Beach area so much that he could not leave.  He has been working for Volunteer Building Products for the last 3 years acquiring new Custom Home Builders and working hand in hand with home owners.

Ryan Tenney- Foreman– is the Son of Chuck and Jackie, and has been helping Chuck since he was a little boy.  He has gained a huge amount of knowledge from his father when it comes to construction and what it means to do things right the first time.  Ryan graduated from Horry Georgetown Technical College with an Electrical Engineering Technology degree.  Ryan has worked for the company since the day it started.

Leo Wilkins- Foreman–  moved from New York to Myrtle Beach when he sold his Plumbing Company.  Leo’s knowledge of construction is noticed immediately when he starts a bathroom renovation.   He has been with Volunteer Building Products for over five years and handles most of our bathroom renovations.

Kevin Murphy- Foreman–  came to Volunteer Building Products with a background in Painting.  Kevin has been with us for 6 years.  He has an eye for detail and making sure everything is done correct has set him apart.  Kevin has a hand in almost every job that we do.